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Why “Poun” is into holistic wellness mission!?

We believe in “healing thyself”
What we say, feel, think, do, be… that is who we are
Self-responsibility: mindful of judgment, blame, excuses, expectations
Do we say more of what we want rather than what we don’t want?
Create powerful intention!
Awareness is presence!

How do we use the mind and body to guide us in creating change
Detoxification: shift thoughts, bodywork, body and consciousness cleanse
Fluid Consciousness: sitting, standing, lying, walking, speaking, thinking
Movement for Health: tai-chi, yoga, dance, e-motion
Meditation: quiet the mind, breathe in- breathe out
Sleep/Rest: rejuvenate and restore
Journal: writing down thoughts, feelings without editing
Nutrition: whole foods, conscious eating
Hydration: increase body fluids

Fully present joyful times on Earth!
Better relationships at home and work
Conscious choices in life
Healthy mind and body and soul through joyful maintenance